Jiro Murai, who rediscovered the wisdom of the Art of Jin Shin, followed the ancient, oral tradition of disseminating knowledge. Mary Burmeister was the prime mover towards the codification of this ancient knowledge, publishing the first textbooks about the Art in 1966.  Knowledge management became a discipline only in the 1990s following the work of Peter Drucker, a leader in modern management practices and education, but Mary put it into practice almost three decades prior to that. 

The way that we access and retain information and knowledge has evolved enormously with the emergence of information technology combined with a variety of other disciplines. To facilitate the access to and understanding of the Art of Jin Shin, the Jin Shin Guild is bringing the discipline of knowledge visualization into the learning of the Art. 

The JSG is cooperating with artists, graphic designers, communicators, and long-term practitioners of the Art in an effort to move a step ahead in communicating the Art. The Guild's purpose is to become an ambassador of a movement towards the visualization of the Art of Jin Shin by communicating its wisdom through charts and drawings. We want to put in action one of Mary Burmeister’s favorite words - Simplify.

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