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Answer Sheet

A nickname given to the unique handout Mary Burmeister offered in classes. She masterfully synthesized the knowledge of the Art of Jin Shin into one page, relating the physical and energetic dimensions of the human body to the Cosmos.

Art of Jin Shin

The Art of Jin Shin is an ancient art, an innate wisdom that harmonizes an individual’s spirit, mind, and body. Through use of simple hand placements, the vital life force responsible for animating and nurturing each of us is balanced. A sense of well -being is restored and uplifted. The Art can be practiced by anyone, at any time, and in any place.

Equally important, the Art of Jin Shin engages one in self-study and self-exploration. Involvement with the Art facilitates the discovery of answers to many of  life’s questions such as “who am I?” and “ why am I here?”

The Art of Jin Shin was rediscovered in Japan in 1912 by Jiro Murai. Murai was ill with what he believed to be a terminal illness. Alone in a mountain cabin preparing for his death, he sat in prayer and meditation. He held his fingers in postures he had seen in the depictions of Gautama Buddha. 

After some days, his illness disappeared miraculously. In his wonder and gratitude, Jiro fell to his knees and dedicated his life in search of the reason for his recovery. That search and research, which continued until his death in 1960, gave birth to what we know today as the Art of Jin Shin.

As Above So Below

A great aphorism of Western classical philosophy. The practical application within the Art of Jin Shin where: "as above" refers to the macrocosm or the energetic dimension; and "so below" refers to the material dimension and the human body.


Unbalanced emotional states that, when integrated into one’s lifestyle, become the cause of all disharmony, pain, illness and misery that affects human beings.


Breath of Life

Metaphor for the universal energy that circulates through all individualized dimensions (depths). It moves in two directions: the descending movement is associated with exhalation and the ascending movement is associated with inhalation.



An energetic action that produces perceptible effects in our lives and in the relationships of our lives. The Art of Jin Shin teaches that all disharmonies are effects of the Attitudes - the cause - that we integrate into our lifestyle.


The Creator is the creative source of the Universe. The Art of Jin Shin refers to this source simply as the Dot, not questioning the individual understanding, which can be mystical (God) or scientific (the Big Bang).



A depth is a dimension of being; a state of manifestation.


When the life energy circulates as intended by the source, there is harmony within and outside the body. When the circulation is stagnant or diverted, disharmony occurs. The body demonstrates this disharmonized circulation through discomfort or diseases. 


The Dot is a name given to the creative source of the Universe.

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