The aim of this course is to present the tools we have available for the restoration of harmony. The core principles of the body's energetic circulation are introduced. Participants learn how to activate and uplift this energy to achieve an overall state of well-being.

Harmony, Health, and Happiness at Reach

Modern day lifestyle is filled with many responsibilities and things that need doing. Everything needs energy to function. In the human body it is no different. When we are under physical, emotional,
or mental pressure there is either lack or accumulation of energy in our body. If the energy is not flowing as it should be, the physiology that it fuels will not work. Consequently, disease can manifest.

In this course, you will discover your personal energy centers, their respective functions, and how to restore their harmony. You will identify the organ
developing energy and be able to activate and uplift this energetic circulation in your body. You will also discover how to use your fingers and toes to bring laughter to your life. Now that you are aware of your body’s innate power you can uncover the
patterns of energy circulation to achieve an overall state of well-being.

Unveiling the Power Within is the second module in the course Awareness Awakening to the Art of Jin Shin. Upon successful conclusion of both modules, you receive a certificate of completion issued by the Jin Shin Guild International Association. 

Courses are implemented on demand and they are tailor-made to the needs of specific target audiences. Customized coursed can be delivered:  
  • in-person 
  • online, or 
  • hybrid (in-person + online) 
Our methodological approach follows adult learning principles. Participants integrate the learning
process. There is space for collaboration and dialogue among peers for experience sharing. 

The Jin Shin Guild follows international standards applicable to teaching and learning in all courses it delivers.

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