The purpose of this course is to provide an environment where innate knowledge flourishes. The emphasis is on helping participants reconnect with their body's ancient wisdom, using this intrinsic power to enhance well-being through the Art of Jin Shin. 

Use your hands to harmonize spirit, mind, and body

body functions depend on energy flowing properly but stressful lifestyles can disrupt the flow of energy in your body. Energy that stagnates can manifest as disease. Proactive actions towards health and well-being contribute to improvements.

Empower yourself and learn to use your hands to achieve an overall state of health and well-being.

In this course, you will start discovering the Art of Jin Shin to increase awareness of your body’s innate knowledge. You will reconnect with your body’s ancient wisdom and be able to use this intrinsic power. You will identify how thoughts impact your health and well-being and discover how to harmonize spirit, body, and mind, through postures that are at everyone’s reach. It is simpler than you could ever imagine.

The course takes you from theory to practice throughout its duration. In the practical sessions, you will feel as you harmonize spirit, mind, and body. 

Awakening the Innate Power is the first module in the course Awareness Awakening to the Art of Jin Shin. Upon successful conclusion of this module, you earn a badge from the Jin Shin Guild International Association. To receive a certificate of completion, you need to successfully complete also the module Unveiling the Power Within. 

Courses are implemented on demand and they are tailor-made to the needs of specific target audiences. Customized coursed can be delivered:  
  • in-person 
  • online, or 
  • hybrid (in-person + online)

Our methodological approach follows adult learning principles. Participants integrate the learning process. There is space for collaboration and dialogue among peers for experience sharing. 

The Jin Shin Guild follows international standards applicable to teaching and learning in all courses it delivers.

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